Spoiler Alert: Mad Men Season 6, Episode 11

After an extensive phone conversation with Todd K about this episode, I don’t have a lot to say. I think I’m waiting/holding my breath for Don’s collapse. We’ve seen for 5 seasons that it’s Don’s world, we just live in it. This season is the first where we realize, “wait, Ted’s the modern ad executive!” Don is a relic. He’s the old school. He and Roger are the past.

Spoilers ahead.

There were a number of great moments in this episode. That moment when Don tells Megan that the kid can’t keep running. The moment in the photo above where Don is being congratulated after Sally catches him cheating. The opening juggling scene. Peggy killing the rat.

Where is the season headed? I have a feeling that it might get horribly dark right at the end. This season began with Don contemplating mortality. Will it end with that theme as well?