Spoiler Alert: Mad Men Season 6, Episode 12

You know, Game of Thrones, this is how you do an expository episode. This week’s Mad Men was full of lurking menace in every scene even though the episode was more about character development than one major action piece.

Kenny getting shot in the face in the second scene shocked the hell out of me. I was sure he was dead. And in every subsequent scene, I thought any knock or phone call would be to alert the employees of SCDPCGC of that. When Sally was alone with the prep school girls and they told her not to talk, I just feared for her. Even Megan and Don’s breakfast scene seemed threatening. Bob? Who would have thought he’d turn out to be a silent threat? Pete’s “apology” to Bob… amazing. Get on the good side of those guys.

Don is cracking and acting more sociopathic. I guess I assumed he’d be found out, that his rules would fail, but it seems that he’s changing the game and perhaps wants to take everyone else down first before he falls.

This season has been incredibly dark and I wonder where it goes from here.