Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, Season 6 Finale

I’ve neglected writing this up for a week. I’ve watched the episode twice. I’ve discussed it extensively with Todd K. But I haven’t really full processed the season. It was satisfying as it always is. The show is just so beautifully done. Those creators really understand the form they’re working in and each season feels like a dense novel. It’s the most literary show I watch and perhaps the most literary show on television.

To the episode: I know I was anticipating some horrible violence given the threatening tone of this season but I don’t feel like I saw Don hit bottom or suffer enough on the way down. He rode his massive ego through the partners meeting where they dismissed him. His confession to the Hershey contingent seemed like it might have been self-serving rather than self-reflective. I think it was all perfectly written and played but I do wonder if next season is a new start or a continued fall.