Spoiler Alert: Man of Steel

I saw Man of Steel on Friday and absolutely loved it. I love Zach Snyder’s movies as I’ve said before which may make me a bit biased.

Man of Steel has a lot of CG to it what with all the super-people throwing things around. But the overall look is gritty and handles all the action well. It never looks too bright and Michael Bay-ish.

I really loved the story. I loved the way the characters played out. I enjoyed that the movie set Superman up definitively as an alien. The moral conflict was also well done. In Superman movies and comics in the past, Superman often comes off as too good, too sure of the right thing to do. The only times I winced at events onscreen were when the collateral damage of the battles seemed avoidable.

Movies over 2 hours (over 90 minutes really) usually test my patience. Man of Steel was one of those rare films where I was so involved in the world onscreen that I didn’t mind.