Awesome Day 1 at San Diego Comic Con

For some reason, this Thursday at Comic Con felt light. We felt like we could move a little in the hall. The bathrooms were really clean. It was nice. Eric and I hit the floor and toured around as much as possible for a couple of hours. Then we split up. He went to a couple of professional panels and I went and watched TV shows in the Indigo Ballroom of the Hilton Bayside.

I saw The Sidekick — a short film from Rob Benedict about a superhero’s sidekick who gets fired and has to find his place in life. It’s really well acted with most of the laughs coming from the deadpan parodies of superhero tropes. E.g. “Sidecar” is another sidekick who apparently just rides in his hero’s motorcycle sidecar. The crowd loved it and the filmmakers and cast talked about the project and its future and took questions from the audience.


Then I saw The Wilfred screening and panel. They showed an upcoming episode which — like last year’s sneak preview — seemed very semen-centric. Elijah Wood wasn’t able to attend Comic Con so they beamed his head in from a slightly time-delayed studio in LA. Nonetheless, the panel was great. They’re a twisted but hilarious bunch. The episode was fantastic and I look forward to watching it again when it airs next month.

After some adventuring in the Gaslamp district, we headed out to rest up for tomorrow.