Day 2 (Friday) at San Diego Comic Con 2013: Hella Animation

I think that sums up the comic con crowd.

I’m writing this rapidly on Saturday morning before we head out to brunch. [Ed. note — didn’t get it finished til 9pm ish.] Yesterday was a whirlwind of panels for us and as we left I kept questioning, “Did we really see all that?”


Robot Chicken was great. The gang just took questions, heckled the audience and talked about the show. It’s as personable and fun as a panel that size could ever get. Seth, Breckin and the rest do such a great job of including their audience in the panel.


Bob’s Burgers was hilarious and filthy. We all learned the sign language translation of “anal.” It turns out H Jon Benjamin isn’t the dirtiest member of the cast. We watched a really rough sketch of a scene that had the voices done but only crude drawings to signify the character and scenes. I love that behind-the-scenes stuff. That is why I go to panels at Comic Con.


Then Archer. “Moderated” by Eugene Mirman, that was a pretty crazy panel too. Also, H Jon Benjamin is not the dirtiest mouth of that cast. Aisha, really. Usually, as they said, they show the first episode of the upcoming season but apparently things in the Archer universe are going to change so radically next season that to show one episode would spoil it. So instead the cast read a scene from the last aired episode which devolved into complete chaos and we just generally watched the mayhem of getting those people on stage together.

After Archer, we headed back to the hall and to the FOXADHD and Axe Cop panels. Unfortunately, they asked everyone to refrain from taking pictures and using their phones so there was no tweeting or documenting the panels. Which is a HUGE missed opportunity and essentially a giant fuck-up on the part of Fox or whomever else controlled that. The ADHD block starts airing this weekend so the more we can talk about it and show it, the more it’ll help you. Yeesh.

The FOXADHD panel showed an episode each of Axe Cop and High School USA and a panel of the cast and creators tried to control Dino Stamatopoulos. Axe Cop is a pitch-perfect representation of the comic book. Nick Offerman delivers Axe Cop’s lines with just the sort of unequivocal authority that I’d hoped to hear. Patton Oswalt as Sockarang captures a great tone for that character who’s obviously unbalanced. High School USA is a parody of all high school movies and tv about “the gang.” It was funny when it was filthy and droll when just being ironic. Axe Cop was the clear crowd favorite.

After FOXADHD, we watched the Axe Cop panel which was utter madness. Malachai, the 9-year-old who invented Axe Cop ran the show which involved screening the same episode again (it holds up!), previews of the comic and the toys, a live version of Ask Axe Cop, and cosplay battles where Malachai directed the action between cosplayers. Turns out Axe Cop will chop the heads off two Drs. Who.