I saw They Might Be Giants a couple of weeks ago at the Belly Up

There’s really not much I can say about them other than they’re fantastic live. They’re funny and loose with their banter and tight in their playing.

I saw them at the Belly Up in Solana Beach a year or so ago. They ended their tour there and it was just a party. The band even bought a keg of beer for the crowd. I think, technically, the Belly Up is a small venue for them but they’re so great in that space and have such a rapport with the audience because of it.

This time around it was just as much of a party. The set list was full of old and new. “Ana Ng” rocked just as much as “Can’t Keep Johnny Down.” They closed their encore with “End of the Tour” which was fantastic and fitting. I hope they keep up the tradition of ending tours here.