Help me self-fund a single with the original Carter Administration

So back in 1998 or so, my friends Ryan and Todd and I started a band called The Carter Administration. We made a few records together which you can find in my store. In 2001, I left the band but we got together every year and made a Christmas Single til 2005.

Now, I play music with Todd and Ryan when I’m in Nashville. Next week, when I’m in town, we’re spending a night at Battletapes and recording two songs in kick-ass rock band style.

Our pal Jeremy at Battletapes has reasonable rates but it’s still going to cost me a few hundred dollars to record, mix and master a single. If this were Kickstarter, I’d put down a $600 goal.

I hope you’ll help me fund this rock project by downloading a few records and kicking in a couple of bucks. If you download even one record, I’ll add you to the Singles Club and send you a free copy of the single when it’s done.

A good place to start is the compilation I made for Dragon*Con with music from me solo, Christmas Single songs, and even an old Carter Administration song.

PS — and if you like the stuff Todd and Ryan did with me, check out all the other records they’ve made as The Carter Administration and Century Club.