Here come the cassettes

A year and a half ago, I wrote about all the old ass cassettes I have of demos, high school and college bands, and other weird recordings. It’s a dark, dark rabbit hole I descend into when I break out the Walkman and start going through them looking for the gems. I do mean to release them when I find interesting things. Tonight, I cringed listening to a song because of the lyrics and vocals but was amazed at a piano / guitar solo in the middle of it that was intentionally atonal and mind-blowing-ly tasteful given the overly wrought vocals and lyrics. Then I flipped the cassette over and heard a totally insane, almost industrial noise instrumental just labeled “Noise” on the cassette cover.

It’s a weird thing to listen to your youth.

But I did decide to release one of those cassettes called Demos & Rough Mixes 2002 which surprised me with tons of studio takes from me and Todd K as we worked on the Christmas Single 2002.

I hope you’ll take a listen and download it or any of my other records.