If you missed it I was in the Wrong Button Blog’s On A Geekly Basis last week

I appeared in the Wrong Button Blog’s feature On a Geekly Basis last week!

How did you get into making geeky music?

…at some point a friend took me to a comic book shop called The Great Escape (in Nashville, TN) and it was all over. That comic book shop started making more money selling used CDs so they moved the comic books into the back which tailored well with my interests at the time. I just went from comic book geekery to music geekery but I kept them in the same shop.

My punk rock partner-in-crime Todd K and I always combined comics with our music. Our band Heather put out a cassette called “Wondertwin Powers Activate!” Another band we called The Carter Administration but we first toyed with names like Justice League of America and —though Todd K may deny this— Bamf! (Nightcrawler’s onomatopoeic teleportation sound)…