Stop Prioritizing

For a while I’ve had a thing that I tell myself when I’m doing chores around the house: “It doesn’t matter what order you do them.” I tell myself that because I used to think, well, first I’ll clean the bathroom then I’ll do laundry. I’d get so hung up on the order in which to do things that it would slow me down and prevent me from getting things done. “I don’t have the time to clean the shower right now, so I guess I can’t get to laundry.”

I’ve been using Basecamp Personal to organize my music tasks and I’ve realized that I’ve been doing the same thing. I start making lists that I think are somehow more important than others. “I should re-write the description of the Records page before I send out a press kit to that blogger.”

But what I’m realizing and working with is that assumption just isn’t true. There aren’t a lot of things that need to be prioritized in my musical work. The big items get prioritized naturally. So I should just start where I am and knock out the to-dos.