Spoiler Alert: Girls Season 3, Episodes 1&2

Firstly, the guest stars. Rita Wilson? Richard E Grant? This is amazing.

Secondly, I really hoped Jessa was in jail. I thought that would be cooler.

I loved how Episode 1 just flipped everything upside down. I didn’t really want to see the end of Ray and Shosh or Adam and Hanna getting back together. It was much better to start with that already having happened and us just trying to figure things out. Adam/Hannah is disgusting but kinda perfect. Really wish she’d just move on though even though I love his character. The confrontation with Natalia was super awkward and great. Marnie’s mother is perfect.

But Episode 2 was a little dull. I hoped for the crazy stuff to keep happening. I’m disappointed in the gang picking up Jessa. Some characters on this show need to tell other characters to fuck off. Season 2 was all about the girls apart so maybe Season 3 is getting the gang back together. We’ll see.