This happened in 2013: I went to Stan Lee’s Comikaze

For the second year, I attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles in November. Once again, I took a RED EPIC and once again, it’s taking me months to edit those photos. So they aren’t here yet.

The show was fun again. In 2012, I shot with the EPIC both days and just wore myself out with it so, though I saw the show, I didn’t get to take it in as much as I’d have liked. In 2013, I took the EPIC on Friday and Saturday. Friday the crowds were light. It was easy to move around and see everything in the main hall that I wanted. But the crowds make the show fun. And that was Saturday’s game.

Saturday, though I had the EPIC with me, I hit the Axe Cop panel and tried to participate a bit more in the show and shoot less. Still, it was a whirlwind and I wish I’d shot even more.

Sunday, I didn’t take the EPIC. We showed up early to see the Sweethearts of the Galaxy panel (fantastic) and then spent the day on the floor.

Cosplay is heavy at Comikaze and very fun. It’s Los Angeles, after all. The main stage in the main room is a great way to keep everyone in that space entertained as they wander. And though there is tons of great art at the show, I don’t feel as drawn to it. Maybe it’s the way it’s arranged, maybe it’s the emphasis on spectacle with the stage in that room, but I glided by tons of art that I’d probably have checked out more closely at a quieter show.

But it’s Stan Lee’s Comikaze so it is spectacle and flash. I enjoy it. I don’t want every con to be the same. And hopefully, I’ll get those EPIC shots edited soon.