Pink slime or not, I don’t want McDonald’s

I get that this is an effort by McDonald’s to distance themselves from a really disturbing image. But to me the images of chicken meat on a conveyor belt and in a big collection bucket are just as disturbing. McDonald’s couldn’t be farther removed from farming or how food should be prepared. The very fact that the person who walks you through the process is called a Product Development Scientist is unsettling. Don’t eat fast food. Don’t eat factory shit when you can avoid it.

Never mind that whether McDonald’s Canada knows where that pink slime photo came from or not doesn’t make their food more fit for human consumption or that they used to use pink slime or that Beef Products Inc sued to stop people from talking about their factory meat or that the very company in that propaganda film is now labeling their pink slime beef or that there are still other disgusting by-products in their meat.