I quit my job. Now what?

My friend Paul described my post about turning 40 and quitting my job as ending on a cliffhanger. I suppose it did. Many of the reasons why I quit will have to wait for other posts. But the largest one is that I want to create some things that I want to create starting with a book.

I’ve been writing essays, blogging, making outlines, and generally “working” on this book for almost 5 years. It’s called good.simple.open and it’s about working better by focusing on simplicity and openness. It is obviously informed by my 15 years building websites and working in a variety of businesses.

For now, I’m splitting my days in half: writing the book and writing for my freelance clients. If you’d like to help out, follow good.simple.open on Twitter or subscribe to the mailing list at goodsimpleopen.com. Or hire me to write something for you. That’ll help too.