So then sometimes it’s simply great

Just after I wrote this yesterday about not being in the right frame of mind and body to be eager to play shows, I went and had a great time. When I arrived, I’d told Boris (who was running the show) that I was doing it like a runner going out on a run. I know it’s good for me. I know playing has given me pleasure. I just gotta do it.

The stage was outside. It was windy. Clouds gathered. It looked like we might get rained on any second. The coffee shop was in a shopping plaza with a Trader Joe’s. People were pushing rattling shopping carts past the stage every few minutes.

But what a difference an amazing sound makes for a musician. As soon as I strummed my guitar through the PA, it felt good. I brought the steel string and just kicked through a set of moderately-paced “hits.”

The photo above was my view when I started. A few people sat outside the coffee shop and listened. But most of what makes a good show for me is hitting the notes and remembering the words. The rest is the sound I’m hearing. Between Boris’s sound and my memory, we did well.

I’m looking forward to looking forward to playing live.