Some photos and thoughts from Wondercon 2014

I’ve been to the last 3 Wondercons and it’s been great to think of it as my local convention especially because it’s so large and has everything I enjoy. Although I have fun at Comikaze every year, there’s something comic book-y lacking about it. Maybe it’s simply the percentage of independent and small press creators at Wondercon versus Comikaze. But I prefer to think it’s something a little more magic than that.

I went Friday and Saturday this year. Friday, I bought a few comics from PJ Perez and his company Pop Goes the Icon. But it was Saturday when I felt like I really dove in. I picked up books from Dark Horse and Image, a comic from Wuvable Oaf, and prints from Jessica Grundy. We saw a ton of great stuff inside and outside and really enjoyed it. Also, that Barcelona food truck was incredible.