Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S4E1

As always, I wished the episode had gone on for another hour. Though, it felt like a good mix of ratcheting up the tension and showing some things happening. Last season, I felt like they had too much exposition and not enough action. I hope this whole season is all action.

Dany’s got at least another 160 miles of marching to do just to reach the next city that’s not anywhere near King’s Landing. I don’t care for the new Daario but because the old Daario left to do a Transporter movie, maybe we don’t want him around anyway. They could at least make the new guy look a little cooler.

The irony of Jon Snow being given a chance after breaking his oaths when the entire story begins with Ned Stark beheading a man of the Night’s Watch who broke his is a little thick. Let’s see him lead them now.

It’s great to see Tyrion and Jaime having to deal with their personal shit — by which I mean their crazy ladies.

I really hope the wedding is next week. Let’s get that over with so Joffrey and Margaery can have their babies and start conquering all the other houses.

So what did everyone else think?