Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S4E3

Holy shit, this episode was everything I’ve been wanting to see for so long. Payoff after payoff after payoff.

Sansa escaping. Littlefinger pulling the strings. That scene with Tywin and Tommen. Olenna speaking with Margaery about her future.

Tywin dealing with Oberyn. Tyrion trying to save Podrick. The Wildlings destroying that village. Dany making a pretty good case for herself at Mereen. So many storylines moving so quickly.

The whole Sam / Gilly thing seems really weird but I guess the Wildlings attacking Castle Black will change my mind. Arya was pretty cool this week in her quick-thinking deception. But the Hound is an asshole again.

And then, Jaime raping Cersei in the most disturbing scene in the series. Not a small feat.