Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E1

When we ended last season, I wondered was this bottom for Don? And from the looks of Episode 1 of Season 7, it wasn’t. The episode felt pretty familiar. There were new faces but it was an old routine.

Peggy is in the same spot but frustrated by jealousy and a philistine boss. Welcome to the real world, Peggy. Ken is angry and really not very Ken about stuff. Pete is hilariously Pete — tan and dressed like a douchebag. Roger in some hippie open relationship? Don ghost-writing for Freddy?

What was that whole thing between Don and Neve Campbell about her husband dying of thirst? I assume that means alcoholism, right?

But then that ending. Peggy breaks down. Don seems to teeter on the edge. It left the episode pointing towards a dark end but we’ve seen this before. At this point, I’m a little bored of the teetering.