Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E2

So Don has definitively not hit bottom. He’s marking his alcohol consumption with a crayon on the bottle to keep track of where he was the night before. He’s lounging around in a bathroom and putting a suit on just to keep up appearances for when Dawn swings by at night. Not to mention his breakdown isn’t a secret among his firm’s competitors — even though they’d love to have him.

I called Pete’s suggestion that he and Ted form their own agency when he walked into Ted’s office. Pete is still getting screwed. He constantly brings in business and doesn’t get credit for it. Jim’s angling to land all the big fish just like Duck did with fucking American Airlines a few seasons ago. We know how that ended up.

Don’s explosion at Sally and subsequent apology was a great analogy of my feelings regarding how the show is proceeding. He won’t commit to being a decent human being and father or just being a secretive shit pulling power plays. Maybe that’s the plot. Maybe we’re supposed to be fed up with Don’s refusal to clean up his act. But he’s so quick with contrition these days, I guess we’re all hoping for that final honesty breakthrough when he realizes he can just tell the truth to the people in his life and they’ll still love him.

Those final frames. Man. Powerful.