Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E3

I love the way Mad Men plays an episode like this week’s. In a story arc that could have just been a by-the-numbers sad story about Don returning to the firm, the entire episode was wrought with tension and menace. There was Megan out of balance. Betty was back to her sociopathic self. She’s about to Munchausen by Proxy one of those kids.

Don just got emasculated by his partners. Not just that shitty, babysat gig that they offered him at the end of the episode, to which he meekly responded “Okay.” But sitting in the bullpen all day waiting for word on his fate? He’d have been better off to leave once Roger wasn’t there. No one wants him back.

How the hell is Don going to be able to work for Lou? That guy is the worst.