Gentlemen Honey Farmers: a short film by me

My Dad has been keeping bees for several years now. As I’m in Nashville for a while, he invited me to tag along to the honey harvest at the home of his mentor, Fred Oster. My Dad only had a few frames with honey from his hive so we brought those over and spun out the honey along with 16 frames from Mr. Oster. In all, they collected about 6 gallons.

I brought along my camera, a Canon Rebel SL1, to shoot some scenes and ended up putting together this short. It was my first attempt shooting video on the camera and I came up with a list of things not to do again. For starters, while I was in my anti-bee veil I didn’t notice the auto-focus readjusting the shots I’d set up. When I manually focused, I had much better results. I also realized the tripod I used was a tad wobbly and my hand-held work is hella shaky.

Nonetheless, I like the result. I think the images are beautiful and I loved the size of the camera.