Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E4

Especially in those weeks where I find myself wanting more of a tightly-wound story than the meandering plot of Game of Thrones, I appreciate how Mad Men can take a character through so much in an hour. I spent most of the episode cursing Don and the position the firm had put him in. I wasn’t on his side. I just couldn’t figure out how he was allowing himself to get stuck like that. And the drinking…oh Don.

I’m glad Freddy is the agent of change there. And he is right, do the work, Don. That was the solution all along. But the show goes forth with me still feeling uneasy about Don’s resolve. Is this the bottom? Did he trampoline?

And Roger’s story. What a horrible reflection of his own life in his daughter. He’s living in the bourgeois version of her cult and he tries to drag her away? Who’s going to drag him away? Unlike Don, Roger’s never wrestled with abstinence or even temperance. He’s just leaned into it for as long as we’ve known him. How long can he keep that up?