Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E6 – “The Strategy”

First of all, Bob. Love that guy. I am still totally puzzled by Joan’s friendship with him but I loved that she immediately saw through his proposal.

Everyone in “The Strategy” is working on their own strategy. Bob’s playing 3 different roles himself. He wants Joan as his beard and for whatever reason she likes him.

Pete’s strategy to use Don on Burger Chef makes everyone uncomfortable but Pete — possibly for the first time — doesn’t seem to be fazed in the least by what others think.

Everyone on Burger Chef wants to stick to their strategy. But Lou is such a perfect philistine. Whatever he likes Peggy should choose the position 180 degrees opposite.

Don practices a strategy of mending fences, both with Megan and Peggy. One works out. One doesn’t.

I loved that Peggy’s paranoia finally caught up with her this week. Don makes a harmless suggestion and Peggy thinks he’s trying to psych her out. Watching them work together without Don being all shouty was excellent. As Victoria Marsden summarized:

While dancing with Peggy to “My Way” (of course), Don¬†finally realises that he gets to choose his own family. He’d never really been alone if he’d bother to not be a complete narcissistic dick all the time.¬†

We have one more episode in this part of the season. AMC has given us the helpful summary: “Don is troubled by a letter.” Ms Marsden believes it will be divorce papers. I think it’s going to be a dissolution of his partnership with SCDPCGC.