Spoiler Alert: Mad Men, S7E7 — Half Season Finale

Well the letter Don got certainly was shocking but again this season — though I love it — I feel like we’re watching scenes we’ve seen before: a new business deal, breakups, contracts, tensions.

Then there are scenes totally out of the wild blue: Ted’s dance with death in his plane and that ending. More on that in a second.

Since it was announced they’d be splitting the season in 2, I’ve wondered if all the episodes had been written prior to the decision or if they would be written to accommodate what is really two short seasons. I firmly believe it was the latter. Tonight’s episode was all about endings and new beginnings.

While the breach letter and its handling was super uncomfortable, it couldn’t compare to that breakup call with Megan. Wow, was that difficult to watch. The silence was so telling. Another show would have marched over those moments with bad dialogue.

Then there was Don looking after Peggy as his own career crumbles and Roger stepping into the leadership Bert wanted for him and looking after his team.

And Peggy’s presentation. Did anyone else get chills? It felt like Don in season 1 pitching the Kodak Carousel.

Did Don really convince Ted to do the work? I’m not sure that’s the right path for Ted.

And Jim, that opportunistic, politicking asshole. Even though I’ve loved watching Harry Hamlin in the role, I’ll enjoy not seeing him in the new firm.

That ending. Don’s hallucinations return just as his place seems secured? I don’t know what to make of it. Is he falling still or is it bouncing back?