Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S4E8 – “The Mountain and the Viper”

Well, that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV. I really don’t even want to write about it to discuss it.

But I will talk about that boring pointlessness of Tyrion’s speech before the battle. Yes, I get it. It was an analogy of The Mountain. And after watching that ending, I hardly want to admonish the directors to “Show, Don’t Tell” any more but man, they wasted time with another Tyrion speech when they could have been showing Jon figuring out how to fight off an army with 100 men on the wall.

What the hell is Sansa up to? I appreciated the scene in her room where she wisely tells Littlefinger how she acted in her own interests in saving him. She’s learning from the best, right? But the later scene where she’s wearing a dress with feathers like part Black Swan, part Maleficent seemed way more scheme-y than she’s capable of.

I thought the Danaerys / Jorah moment, even though played slow, was over too quickly. That is huge. He’s been beside her for 4 seasons and she’s dumping him? No chance to explain himself? She is the worst at forgiving.

And the Mole’s Town attack? How long does it take these damn Wildlings to find the Wall? They need a Garmin. Theon Greyjoy, injured and beaten, walks what looks like 100 miles to Moat Cailin in an afternoon and the Wildlings can’t go up the road to the Wall? The dragging out of this inevitable attack is annoying me.

The only thing that brightened this episode was Arya laughing at how ridiculous her own situation is.