Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S4E9

I was happy to see an episode that centered on one huge event. I was also relieved that damn battle finally happened. It’s been a long time coming.

It was also a great way to build more tension. After last week’s episode, everyone wonders what will befall Tyrion. Did the Mountain die and the gods declare it a tie? Or is it a technicality because Oberyn died first?

It was good to see Alliser Thorne giving Jon wisdom on leadership and kicking ass in the battle himself. And it was good to see Jon and Sam assume leadership roles naturally. And finally Ygritte is out of the picture. I did hope Sam was going to get her. That would have led to some nice tension between him and Jon.

But somehow, the battle seemed over too quickly and I don’t feel it has resolved. I wonder if they’ll even pick it up next week or if the full brunt on Mance Rayder’s attack won’t be felt until next season. The latter is what I’m betting on.