Day 1 of San Diego Comic Con 2014

I remember heat. So much heat. Like walking to the convention center from our parking spot, I was almost drenched in sweat. I’d sunscreened like crazy yesterday morning so it was running down my face and making my arms and legs sticky. The day was off to a gross start.

We walked the floor, all bought stuff and headed to lunch before an afternoon of panels.

At 2pm, we got into the last half of a cartoon called Moonbeam City coming to Comedy Central next year. It was a good 80s cop parody — Miami Vice with the artwork of Patrick Nagel — and could be well-timed coming off this year’s Archer Vice. The voice acting was top-notch (Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Forte) and the jokes were fast.

But we were there for George R.R. Martin at 4pm so we unintentionally watched the next panel, Musical Anatomy of a Superhero — a really cool chat with several composers of superhero movies. It was a nice overview and peek into their work that I wouldn’t have thought to catch otherwise. But I liked it and would definitely recommend it next year.

Then the master, George R.R. Martin emerged to discuss his comic book work with Avatar Press who have been adapting some short stories of his into comics. By Game of Thrones standards, this was a “small” panel and it really felt like watching a personal interview with Martin. He talked about getting into reading comics and novels at a young age, going to the first ever New York Comic Con and getting badge #1, and offered advice to writers. It was a great hour-long chat with no questions from the audience and I am happy I got to see it happen.

Then we sweated in the main hall for another two hours and went home.

Today: same again.

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