Day 2 of San Diego Comic Con 2014

I’d hoped to get into the afternoon panels of Robot Chicken, Bob’s Burgers, and Archer yesterday. But after lunch when I headed outside to the Indigo Ballroom line, it was wrapped around 3 times already. Then they spread it out so it just ran along the bay past the main convention center. I’ve never seen it that long. Neither had the line monitor who was reorganizing us. So I bailed.

At every comic con I attend, there’s one day where completely unplanned, I run into the friends I only see at comic cons. It’s a really wonderful thing. So when I left the panel line and headed back into the hall, I ran into PJ Perez who runs Pop Goes the Icon and picked up Pop’s new issues of San Hannibal.

Then I ran into cosplayers Bernadette Bentley, the Xena in so many of my photos, and Vegas PG who is Mary Jane in the gallery below.

I don’t have huge networks of people that I catch up with at Comic Con. Usually con is a fun but draining affair and I’m not up for drinks and nightlife after a long day. So I really love those days when I can socialize at a con and I hope I keep bumping into my friends in this way.

Around 5pm, I headed to Hall H where there was no line and met up with my friends Chris, Eric, and Mikaela — we’d been separated all day — to see Kevin Smith. We caught previews for Let’s Be Cops — which looks dumber every time I see a promo for it — and Kingsman, The Secret Service from Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn — which looks awesome.

I love hearing Kevin Smith tell stories even if the only movie of his I liked was Chasing Amy. He’s got the gift of gab and he didn’t disappoint, answering questions from children with curse-laden stories and telling about his emotional visit to the Star Wars Episode 7 set. He talked and gave meandering Qs to As for almost an hour before getting into promoting his new movie Tusk. I really appreciate the way he’s crowd-sourced and open-sourced Tusk — the moderator even told us we were allowed to video record the trailer in the hall. I’ve not seen Kevin Smith live before and it was a great night.

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