Day 3 of San Diego Comic Con 2014

If Friday was the day that missed opportunities turned into better experiences, then Saturday was the day that I paid for it. I spent the morning shooting a little video with Bernadette Bentley which was great. It was cool to see behind the scenes of a cosplayer getting everything together and then seeing how the crowd reacts to her. It’s weird to walk alongside someone at whom people keep turning their gaze.

After that fun though, Eric and I missed the Berkeley Breathed panel by inches. Then I decided to skip the Saga panel to meet up with an old friend in the Marriott. Then I walked back to the exhibit hall, upstairs, around, out past Hall H, up to the mezzanine level outside where I caught bits of the Game of Thrones cosplay meetup, then I was cashed. I knew I couldn’t make the late panels I had hoped to and I floundered while trying to keep myself involved on the exhibit floor. Around 4.30pm, I called it a day and put in a much needed shower and couch sitting.

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