Day 4 of San Diego Comic Con 2014

Every day at Comic Con has its own vibe. Sunday is in some ways the right come-down after Saturday but it’s not as dead as you’d think. The crowds outside are definitely less. Hall H is easy to get into. Gaslamp has almost a normal amount of traffic. Parking is easier to find. Looking across at the convention center, you’d almost think that it’s going to be sparsely attended. It is not.

Inside the convention center, it’s just as overwhelming. The crowds are thick and jostling and have a different sense of desperation. “This is the last day! Must get a deal!” You’re going to get banged around in there.

My girlfriend and I showed up pretty early and walked around Gaslamp. We checked out the Chuck Jones gallery which always has some cool stuff and watched part of the Assassin’s Creed — I want to say “larping” but no — parkour show which was… just really dumb. I mean, I guess kids like that kind of thing. (I wonder if like the guys who do parkour on the streets think parkourists who put on pirate costumes and jump around on a set are “sell-outs,” just going after all that big parkour money.)

Then we met friends for lunch and hit the show floor. We did a pretty compressed lap around but got to see a lot of cool stuff. We picked up some art and I got a book. We saw the Sons of Anarchy signing and some great cosplay.

On our way out, we ran into our friends Bobbo and Tracy from The Fallen Stars. They have a musical side project called Leaves on the Wind for which they’re writing a song for each episode of Firefly and the movie Serenity. They were performing these songs as a duo on the lawn outside the hotel. We stayed for a couple of songs before taking the long bridge back to the car.

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