Book Club of Thrones: Breaking open the GOT (conspiracy) theory vault

Yep, big spoilers. Stay away.

I’ve largely stayed away from the myriad theories regarding A Song of Ice and Fire mostly because they all show me how shallow a reader I am. Nonetheless, I’d heard of the R+L=J theory (though I hadn’t figured it out on my own). I really enjoyed this video laying out the theory:

The same YouTube creator also created this about “The Gravedigger” theory of which I was completely ignorant:

Watching them just makes me want to go back and read the books again. Just like the show made me read them all in the first place. I don’t understand my friends who stay away from the books on purpose because of “spoilers.” I just want to know more and hopefully figure things out for myself, not be spoon-fed them through the television show.

Anyway, discussion is open if you care to talk theories about GOT.