How goes the book

Yes, I have “finished” writing. But last week, I decided to re-structure the book a little bit since my previewers all had comments about one particular section. So I have to re-write or completely 86 those chapters and while I’m at it, I’m adding a couple of new chapters.

Writing a non-fiction book about work, especially one comprised of brief chapters about one thing to do or not do, is a new experience for me and I’m beginning to understand why it’s taken me so long to sit down and do this. It’s different because the narrative is determined by the order of the chapters. There’s no overarching story to follow and deconstruct. It’s a learning experience for sure. Generally, I thrive on making outlines but in fiction or narrative non-fiction, there’s a story to tell so the outline is just a map. I can take short-cuts or scenic routes. But in this specific book about work, I can remix the chapters how I wish. It’s making the little bits make sense as a longer work that’s a challenge. I hope I’m getting there.

In any case, I still anticipate starting to format for Kindle soon. Maybe next week. If you’d like to support me while I finish it and get a special copy for yourself, you may contribute through GoFundMe. Even if you don’t contribute, I’d appreciate you sharing this post and my campaign link and whatever else you’d like. Thanks!