How Hard is the Home Stretch

When I left my job 5 months ago, I had a couple of goals: write a book and seek treatment for my chronic pain. I think it’s fair to say I’ve pursued each of those goals with gusto this summer.

I have finished the manuscript for my new book and am almost done with the editing. (I’ve given myself a deadline of Friday to finish that stage.) I’m in that period where I don’t want anything more to do with the book. I just want it to be done. But I have to give it more concentrated attention than at any other time.

I had a goal or an idea at the outset: publish it as a print-on-demand paperback and as a Kindle book. Limit myself to those two outlets and self-publish. I met last night with a couple of friends to discuss all the next steps… and basically it overwhelmed me. Like everyone who does something creative that could be profitable, I worry if I’m scuttling my chances at success by not doing it the “right” way. In this case, will self-publishing scuttle any chance at success? The worry about doing the right thing paralyzes me from pursuing my goal.

Last night, my friend Ernesto referred me to LeanPub which sounds like a fantastic tool. But just looking into options muddied the waters. I’m not ruling out LeanPub or traditional publishing or anything else. But for now, I think I have to stay the course — edit and format for Kindle. I promised myself and I promised the friends supporting me that I’d have a book out soon.

Which leads me to the part I’m never good at: selling myself (by which I mean asking for money to pursue my creative work). Working part-time (sometimes stretching the definition of “part-time”) this summer to write combined with the cost of medical treatments has diminished my savings to where I’m in crunch time. I knew it would get to this point. I just hoped I’d be around that last corner of the self-publishing lap when it got here. I don’t want to get a day job and have to put the book on hold.

I’m soliciting donations through GoFundMe and offering the reward of a special copy of my new book. If I can hit my goal or a little more, I can continue working independently while I publish the book. The book will be published no matter what. This just helps me do it under my terms. I hope you’ll consider donating. You’ll get a sweet copy of the book if you do.

Thank you.