Spoiler Alert: Guardians of the Galaxy

I thoroughly enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought the cast was amazing. Everything looked awesome. The jokes were great. The action was huge and fun. But “this generation’s Star Wars“? I don’t think so. To me, the film hit right where Pacific Rim did — a fun, huge, action sci-fi movie.

I tend to agree with the Vox review that the film succeeds most where it is its own world. Whenever it has to tie into the larger Marvel universe, it gets clunky. I can’t believe I loved the interplay between two CG characters as much as I did and thought they fit perfectly into the ensemble of human actors. But then I found Thanos unnecessary and Ronan to be two-dimensional.

Guardians does land in that same territory of a lot of Marvel movies (even Avengers) where we shouldn’t ask too many questions but should just enjoy the fun on screen.