I finally watched X-Men: Days of Future Past last night. Let’s talk about it.

I really did try to see the movie in the theater, just not hard enough. After DOFP came up in the discussion of the Avengers trailer yesterday, I watched it last night.

I don’t know that I can say anything that people have not already said but it was incredible. I knew several things about it before sitting down to watch it. I’d watched the “Honest Trailer” only a couple of days ago. I’d heard it un-did the horribleness of X-Men 3 and set up the X-Men universe to continue on with those beloved characters intact. What I didn’t expect was how great a job the movie did at weaving the timelines and pulling the stories together. I finally feel like the X-Men of First Class and the X-Men of the original movies exist in the same universe. My girlfriend and I were thoroughly impressed. She, knowing less than I did about the movie, was squealing in anticipation at some moments and breathlessly shocked at others.

I appreciate the X-Men universe where people who have powers are feared, treated differently, and persecuted. That feels more real to me than a world where the superheroes just shrug and go, “I guess we’re secret agents now.” Such a world as the X-Men’s also allows for the true internecine conflicts between Magneto and Professor X. When the mutants fight each other in the X movies, it feels like the physical manifestation of a philosophical conflict. When the Avengers fight each other, it feels like a bunch of football players wrestling in the locker room. There’s no real difference of opinion. At the end of the day, they’re still on the same team.

My only nit to pick at the movie is one that I dislike in all superhero movies: I hate the omnipotence of the Sentinels. Got it; they’re adaptable weapons. But like in a lot of superhero movies, I think the stakes are too high. They’re so high that any victory can seem like a deus ex machina. When the opponent isn’t omnipotent, the victory feels a little more earned and not so divinely-granted. The Silver Samurai in Wolverine’s last movie was a great opponent in that regard.

Other than that, I just loved every minute of the movie. I wish I had seen it on the big screen.