The end of the year means building the infrastructure for the next

Seems like every year, I have such great ideas for things to write about. The problem is that when I sit down in front of a computer, all I do is work on my own website. It could be a new design or a clean-up of posts. This year, since I switched from a domain I’d had for a long time to, I’m spending the end of the year making sure everything has transferred over here. I’m also adding all my portfolio pieces that I’ve written for other publications.

That means I’m going through years of old posts to make sure code and links and such are correct. So it means there are plenty of opportunities for nostalgia. It’s a long and somewhat painful process to cull old material. I won’t be done on January 1st. But I do hope I can get the site in nice enough shape so that I can close some long open to-dos.

Then maybe I’ll get around to writing all these pieces I’ve been dreaming up.