So let me tell you about a thing that annoyed me

I wrote a book last year and I spend some time every day trying to figure out how to get it to the people who might be interested in it. So I’m interested in the ways that other people do it.

A couple of days ago, I followed an author on Twitter of whom I’d never heard because she was suggested to me in the ungrammatical “Who to follow” sidebar. Yesterday, I got a DM from her saying something funny about downloading a sample of her book. I checked out her Twitter profile a little more closely as well and clicked the link there which led to a landing page with a quote about the book and a Sample Download link as well. That Download link went to another page with an “enter your email address” form on it. Why not just do that on the landing page, I wondered. Anyway, I went back to the DM and followed the Amazon link there to download the Kindle sample.

So then I responded to her DM, “Challenge accepted.” Only my DM couldn’t be delivered because she doesn’t follow me back. So I looked up a couple of things about how people can send DMs without following a person. I didn’t find anything conclusive. I imagine there’s an app that auto-follows people and sends them a prepared DM and then unfollows them. I can also imagine that individuals do that manually. I don’t understand it nor do I see the value in doing a thing like that (it especially wouldn’t help me sell a book that is stringently anti-bullshit).

At any rate, I call bullshit. I noticed she “follows” 126,000 people of which I am apparently not one.

So I deleted the book sample without reading it and unfollowed her.