40 Days. 40 Episodes. Game of Thrones, S2E7, “A Man Without Honor”

I do love the end of Season 2. The long recaps I’m doing as part of my 40 Days. 40 Episodes. experiment are almost over. Once I hit S3E3, I’ll just be commenting on old posts. But here is the rise to the climax of Season 2. And it starts with Theon…

Theon is informed that Bran, Rickon, Hodor, and Osha have all escaped. When one of his men snidely describes Osha as “the one you were fucking” as if to lay the blame on Theon, he just lets loose on the dude. This has to be a relief for Theon. For 17 episodes, people just keep cranking up the tension on him. He’s finally snapped. Of course, Theon could have made any number of choices that would have avoided this situation.

Theon takes his men and Luwin on the hunt for the Stark boys. What ironborn are left in Winterfell? Couldn’t the citizens rebel and take it back?

In the frozen north, Jon and Ygritte awake after sunrise which is ridiculous. As if anyone could sleep at all on the frozen ground and as if you would be awake as soon as it was barely light. Then they start hiking while Ygritte talks about testicles to Jon. She also starts mocking him which is one more case of someone other than the heroes of the show talking sense to one of the heroes and being argued with. “So why are you fighting us?” she asks as Jon gets all bent out of shape about her reason and logic.

In Harrenhal, Tywin and the Mountain are trying to figure out who tried to kill Tywin. Tywin shows his typical retraint: “Burn the villages. Burn the farms.” Then he goes soft and invites Arya to eat. Tywin waxes philosophical as Arya eats: “This will be my last war. Win or lose.” Then he explains “legacy” to Arya. And segues into a history of Harrenhal. Get it? Harrenhal’s legacy. Tywin’s legacy. Burned.

Arya jumps in and corrects Tywin on his history of the dragons to point out that it was Aegon and his sisters. Then she smarts off to him and she’s back to doing chores. Tywin also corrects her pronunciation of “my lord.”

At King’s Landing, Sansa thanks the Hound for saving her and they have a discussion about the act of killing.

In Qarth, Xaro is telling Dany that her dragons are worth nothing to him. Should I show you what’s in my vault? Yeh, you should. Keep bluffing, dum dum.

Jon and Ygritte keep walking. Yawn. She tells him about being free and not serving some shit king. Freedom is messy, Jon. She’s right. But he’s too programmed to get it. Even after he gets a taste of freedom (Ygritte), he goes running back to his bosses and managers. This is the first time she tells him, “you know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Robb hears Cersei’s response to his terms from the Lannister messenger. Which is a “no.” Then Robb orders them to put the guy into the pen with Jaime. So just assume that every decision Robb makes is wrong. Talisa appears to speak with Robb about more supplies. If she’s a spy (and she pretty clearly is), then she’s sure doing some gross work in the meantime. Robb tells her to come with him to the Crag. She pretends to fall in love. But the look in her eyes is him falling into her honeypot.

Theon hasn’t found the kids. So he hassles Luwin and his reasonable advice. At the farmhouse which Bran specifically told Osha to avoid, Theon is about to kill a bunch of people. So he sends Luwin away.

Jorah returns to speak with Dany about her dragon theft. Dany is contrite. “I led my people out of the Red Waste and into their slaughter.” Yeh, you did. Just wait, Dany. You’re going to screw over thousands more innocent people and cause tons of chaos. Jorah asks her to trust him. He gets close to her. “No one can survive in this world without help,” he says. She tells him to find her dragons.

Back in Iceland, Jon and Ygritte are still walking. And she’s still talking. About his penis. And her hoo-ha. Just as he gets confused, she runs away. Because he’s been keeping her on a leash. He finds the leash and looks up to see he’s surrounded by Wildlings. Idiot.

Sansa is having nightmares about the attack on her. She awakes to find out she’s started her first period. Which is a real curse since now she’ll have to have babies with a Lannister.

She meets with Cersei to whom she says she thought it would be less messy. “Wait until you have a child,” Cersei says. Especially, three of them. Fathered by your brother. Real messy. “Love no one but your children,” Cersei advises. I suppose the scene is touching, in its way. Cersei is showing some humanity but she’s not releasing Sansa from any of her obligations.

In Jaime’s cage, the young Lannister tries to remind Jaime who he is. He squired for Jaime once. They speak about that day. “I’ll remember is all until I die,” the kid says. Which is going to be like any minute now. IRONY. Jaime tells the kid about his experience squiring for Barristan Selmy. “It’s a good thing I am who I am,” Jaime says, “I’d be useless at anything else.” IRONY.

Then Jaime kills the kid and the dumb Stark jailer comes running to see what the commotion is. So Jaime kills him.

In Qarth, Jaime confronts Dr. Mrs. Doom who spoke to him a couple of episodes ago. She asks if he’ll betray Dany again. So she knows. The thief is with her now, she mysteriously says. Dany is with the Thirteen partially accusing them of theft and partially asking for help. Asking for help and threatening people are a little mixed up in Dany’s head. The Warlock tells Dany that he has the dragons. That he got them from the king of Qarth. There is no king of Qarth she protests and then that lying b-hole, Xaro Xhoan Daxos stands up and confesses he was the other half of the arrangement.

Basically, the Warlock and Xaro want to rule Qarth so they stole the dragons and they kill the Thirteen. Dun dun dun.

Dany starts running. At every turn she’s confronted by the Warlock. Jorah and her bloodriders start killing them for her.

At Robb’s camp a soldier informs Cat that they’ve recaptured Jaime. The Stark’s army is angry and chanting something about justice for the Karstark (whom Jaime killed in his escape). Lord Karstark appears with a sword in his hand. Cat intervenes. Cat’s pretty tough here but her argument amounts to “you owe allegiance to my kid.”

Tyrion gives Cersei the information on Stannis’s movements. They also discuss Joffrey’s growing insanity. Cersei backs into a confessession that Joffrey is the child of her and Jaime. Tyrion comforts her by saying, hey, Tommen and Myrcella turned out all right.

In Robb’s camp, things are getting heated about Jaime. Brienne predicts that Jaime will be killed soon. Cat speaks to Jaime privately. And makes another terrible deal. On the way to it, Jaime insults Ned’s honor. Really sticks it to her.

Theon, meanwhile, unveils the corpses of the children he’s killed. As Luwin cries out, Theon kinda sorta realizes what he’s become.