A vacation from my book

goodsimpleopen-hardcover-bookI published my third book, good.simple.open, on September 22nd. Since then, almost every day has been occupied somewhat with promoting, writing, and generally figuring out how to sell the book. So I’m taking a break. It’s been six months of thinking about how to sell a book. I’ve worked on other things during that time but I haven’t been able to focus on the next big project.

It’s hard to put a project to bed but it might be harder to keep it open and keep racking your brain for ideas on selling it (especially when your budget is limited). That’s the terrible choice that faces self-publishers. We know that sales depend on our own effort. If I’m not spending every day selling it, no one will. But I’m trying to tell myself that it’ll be cool to leave the book alone for a month and rejoin the fight at the end of April.

I have tons of great content for good.simple.open. Such is the result of working on a project for almost 6 years. New chapters are scheduled for every Monday. An email is automated for every Tuesday. New blog posts appear on Wednesday and Friday. New tweets appear every day. This will continue to run itself for a while. So I’m leaving my promo paperbacks at home and hitting the road. I hope this gives my brain the space I need to get into the next project.