A bunch of cool stuff I saw at WonderCon this year

My favorite part of going to cons is finding new artists. I prefer the indies and Artists Alley to the big booths. I can’t afford or can’t carry all the stuff I’d like to purchase so I grab a lot of business cards. Here are some lovely people I met or whose work I saw at WonderCon 2015.

Goobles & Goblins is an RPG for parents to play with their children to teach them how to role-play. It looked cool: kinda doodled and homemade. I’d have picked it up if my niece and nephew were just slightly older.

I did buy my niece and nephew prints from the Tony Bui Fanclub. I got R2D2/C3PO and Rocket Racoon/Groot prints. They threw in a rad Batman sketchbook for me.

I liked the designs of Android Sheep. Geekify make cool leather cases for your tablet or phones that resemble famous geeky literature.

On the illustration side, I liked the work of Genevieve Santos, Katie Longua, Brianna Garcia, Marie Lum, Raul Trevino, Richard Garcia, Amy Mebberson, Jeff Victor, Abraham Lopez (from whom my girlfriend bought a print), and Chin Ko (whose book EveryDad looks great).

I hope you’ll click around and buy some art you like.