A short report from The Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California

I didn’t get a chance to go to the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim this year but my friend Chris was game to answer a lot of questions my friends posed through email. This is his report:

We didn’t get to see the Battlefront panel but did see the extended trailer (similar to the one online but with more content). Looks amazing but I’m still not sure what’s actual game play and what’s not. I don’t own a PS4 but if its graphic power can match that of the action on the trailer I need to own one.

My main goal was to see the Fantasy Flight Panel (specifically X-wing and Armada) as well as the booth. They unveiled 4 new ships for X-Wing during the panel and then added them to the case. Bosk gets his Houndtooth now which is about the size of the Decimator. Unfortunately they didn’t sell any of their products and only demo’d their 3 big games.

I literally don’t understand any of that last paragraph.

Also went to the Force Awakens Exhibit but unlike CC it was in its own room so you had to wait in line while only a certain amount of people went in at a time. It’s an awesome idea because you got to get close to all the exhibits with little interruption. Unfortunately it was the very end of the day and my phone didn’t have enough battery to take pics. Look online and you’ll see plenty though.

I love his summary of what isn’t great about it.

My overall impression of it was that it was a unique experience but very pricey for what it was. The ticket itself was $65 and all the vendors had insane markups well beyond what I saw at Comikaze and Wondercon. An example of that is Star Wars #1 9.4 CGC was going for $500. That book CGC graded is only worth $100. Also there seemed to be less vendors than Wondercon but in the same amount of space so part of the convention floor seemed empty. Last complaint was that their version of artist alley was tiny. Maybe 12 artists at the most. Cosplay was pretty amazing but I hate asking to take pics of people so I don’t have any to show. Again, there’s plenty online.

And this is the most important advice:

Last piece of advice, never buy a Target version of a Star Wars shirt and wear it to a con. Everyone and their mother will have that shirt. My brother suffered that fate.

I also don’t know what this means:

Also, the Star Wars Kotobukiya Artfx Statues are amazing. I don’t know if they’re available online but the detail is equal or damn close to a Sideshow statue at 1/3 of the price. I want them all!