Discuss: Game of Thrones S5E1, “The Wars to Come”

Starting off with Cersei as a little girl receiving a reading from a fortune teller was a pretty great way to kick off this season. Then in the sept, Jaime talks sense to grown-up Cersei. “Dad, built this for us.” She’s just determined to burn everything down.

I appreciated Varys explaining the situation right away to Tyrion: how Illyrio and he saw Robert Baratheon for the disaster he was and joined together to get a Targaryen on the throne. That information has been dragged out long enough. It’s a good re-introduction to Varys’s motivation to have him state it so plainly. The later conversation between him and Tyrion is more of that plain speech: I’m not supporting a man for the king, the realm needs peace, et cetera.

Weird that Varys thinks Danaerys will be that leader who doesn’t lord her power over the powerless when that’s all she’s doing in Mereen (and everywhere else she’s been): “I’m not a politician. I’m a queen.” Not yet, you’re not, dummy.

The introduction of the Sons of the Harpy seems like another complication to Danaerys’s situation that she can’t handle. That assassination of White Rat was pretty cold, right? It is cool to see Dany getting advice from Super Daario.

Everything at the Wall makes me agree more with this article. Jon really knows nothing. He should understand better than anyone why a free man doesn’t bow to a king. Worked out pretty well for your “dad,” right, Jon? And Stannis additionally knows nothing. He’s like Danaerys and all the other would be kings or queens: ruling by decree instead of considering the advice of those around who might know more.

Really not sure where this Brienne and Pod duo is going.

It’s pretty fitting that Cersei is so intolerant at the memorial for Tywin. To Loras, to Lancel, to Pycelle. Real See You Next Tuesday, she is.

Great as well to see Margaery being so duplicitous. I mean, she’s always been ambitious but she’s rarely seemed as cold as she was in Loras’s room. This is one of those places where the show really makes up for shortcomings in the books. At least, I don’t remember Margaery being so pro-active in them.

It’s a shame that Mance Rayder had to die but it’s great that he’s a badass til the end. “The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted” should be stitched across a flag.

Having said all that, I loved the look of this episode. Every scene was cinematic. I loved that the colors have changed for almost everyone. Melisandre has darker hair. The North is more blue than black and white. Tyrion has a mix of wild blonde hair and dark brown beard going on. Sansa (as Alayne) is darker. It helps signal that things have shifted once again.