Discuss: Game of Thrones, S5E2, “The House of Black and White”

I’ve done so much writing and re-watching of Game of Thrones lately that I’m just not going to go back through this one tonight. Here’s the high points as I remember them.

Though Arya’s arrival at the House of Black and White was seemingly uneventful, it means great things to come so it’s nice to get her there. I completely agree with the show replacing another character here with Jaqen H’ghar. He was cool and we wanted to see more of him.

On the other side of the world, Danaerys is still having problems getting things moving. At some points, I’m a huge cheerleader of the show cutting out useless characters and subplots. But here, it really seems like they could do some trimming. We get it, Danaerys has a long road to learn how to be a great leader. But she is really screwing up every decision she makes in every city she liberates.

Stannis has made Jon a really tempting offer: a name and an inheritance. But Jon chooses his vows instead. Which is noble but also like, yeh, remember how well that worked out for Ned? And though Sam’s speech was rousing, why did they let Alastair Thorne have the last word? That annoyed me. Good on Jon for not defending himself but it’d have been nice to see Sam say something. And damn, did Sam cut down Janos Slynt for hiding in the cupboard during the battle! That was epic.

Sansa/Littlefinger/Brienne/Pod: I have no idea what is going on here. I’m sort of on Pod’s side: neither Stark girl wanted your help, vow complete. Go home. I feel like we’re supposed to cheer Brienne on so that Sansa has her protection, but I think Sansa has it handled. Nobody is worse than her last fiancĂ©.

Cersei sure is ungrateful. Jamie is doing everything he can to help her and she just bitches. But that small council meeting was great. Turns out Tywin’s brother (Ser Kevan) doesn’t take shit from Cersei either. And he doesn’t seem like as big of an asshole as Tywin.

Speaking of the Lannisters, Tyrion is in a new box. This is another boring point I think they could accelerate. I prefer Tyrion as a schemer, not a whiner.

We finally met some Dornish. But they didn’t do much. Oh well. It’ll come.