Discuss: Mad Men, S7E10, “The Forecast”

This episode really took a turn, right? Everything was going along, just kinda boring-like and then Glen tries to hook up with Betty and Sally’s girlfriend flirts with Don.

Glen has always been an agent of chaos. It shows up, creeps everyone out, and then disappears for a season. It’s so odd that he’s the man over whom Sally and her mom fight.

Joan’s new man seemed like a great idea at first: a good split between the age of her ex-husband and the age of her baby’s daddy. But then in the hotel room in New York, his nasty anger at her having a kid was enough that I hoped she’d never see him again. I suspected he’d apologize, etc, but I really hoped Joan would kick him to the curb. I find their immediate good feelings for each other unbelievable.

Don’s mission to write up the future of the firm seems to tie together a lot of problems in his life. He’s surprised that Peggy has an immediate answer for him as for what she wants in the future (as he’s trying to get her to do his writing for him). He realizes he’s been out-smarted by Ted. He can’t talk his way into inspiration lying on the couch.

Don’s also given some terrible advice to a charmless man, Mathis. And while Mathis’s assessment of Don’s charm being based in handsomeness (Liz Lemon called it) isn’t wrong, Don isn’t wrong either. Mathis doesn’t have the character to make the right kind of apology.

The theme of loss and death continues for Don: Sally tells him she just wants to get on a bus and get away from him and Betty. His realtor sells his apartment after telling him it “reeks of failure” and saying it looks like a sad man lives there. He can’t come up with a speech about the future. (Tell me that scene where he buys a Hershey bar from the vending machine didn’t mean something symbolic.) Don’s past is all invented and his future is empty.

We’ve seen much darker times than these so I’m not feeling the dread. I just see it as blank. Don needs to focus on the future. He needs a new place, a new story.