Friday afternoon trailers and teasers

I’ve spent more time than usual watching trailers and sneak peeks on YouTube this week. So let’s round this up.

Honestly, Ant Man looks better than I ever anticipated. I never thought I’d care about an ant-sized superman but Paul Rudd is sure charming. He’s like twice as charming as that Arnold on Green Acres.

Star Wars. Obvs. I think it looks cool. But I’m not getting all the feels that my friends are. That could be because of the Jar Jar years or all the digital flotsam added to the movies I grew up with. Or maybe just that dumb retcon to have Greedo shoot first. I’ll be excited to see it when it’s here.

But, though we’re a few days away from the next official trailer, the movie I’m still most excited about this year is:

That’s right Jurassic World. I can’t wait.

Honorable mention of a 2016 movie: the leaked Superman v Batman peek.