Mad Men S7E9, “New Business”: it just gets stranger

Well, there is just so much I don’t understand. Don’s obviously feeling the loss of his family. The longing looks at his children, his bizarre fake wife relationship with a stranger who somewhat resembles a couple of his exes. But this isn’t the weakest he’s been. I think that’s what’s odd. Personally, he’s failing, but professionally, everything seems all right. If he kept it all together through those really terrible times, what’s dragging him down now? Don’t tell me this show slowly fizzles out as Don’s personal sorrow increases. (I’m secretly hoping Meredith is his one true love.)

Stan and Pima. That was a weird diversion. Is Pima going to be a fixture in the lives of Peggy and Stan? Or have we seen the last of her? It’s nice to see Stan outside the office, albeit briefly, but he ends up in the same place he started.

Can we talk about that brief scene between Roger and Don in which Roger predicts everything Megan will tell Don? It was another scene that felt like we’re winding down. Here are the men who married their secretaries comparing notes.

Megan’s sister. What a piece of work. This family portrait is so psychologically accurate. The demagogue father and pious daughter contrasting the loose mother and free spirit, yet incredibly entitled, daughter.

I like that Pete continues to resemble a young Richard Nixon.

Harry Crane. What a charmer. This was an episode of seductions: successful and failed. Harry fails. Don succeeds then fails. Megan’s mom succeeds. Harry’s not wrong about Megan’s career though. She’s really screwed up the fame part. But she always gets bored of work after she slightly succeeds.

I loved the episode. I wasn’t bored at all. That said, it kinda went in circles. Maybe only Megan escaped. But maybe Don did as well. He walks into that empty apartment and it’s clear: he’s starting all over again.