Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones, S5E3, “The High Sparrow”

Well, that Sansa storyline really depressed me. This poor girl. When is she going to start fighting back and murdering these people who treat her like a piece of property? Is Theon going to help?

What do viewers think of Arya’s “training”? I guess that have to move slowly (because in the book it’s even slower) but I sure wish she’d start kicking ass.

I appreciate the Brienne and Pod bonding. I sure hope Brienne can help Sansa out. Oh, and I bet Sansa is real annoyed she turned down Brienne’s assistance now.

It’s nice to see Jon and Stannis acting a bit more respectful of each other. They’re a strong team if they can get it together. The balance of power seems a bit better now that Jon is Lord Commander.

Oh yes, Cersei and Margaery. I don’t know, man. I want someone to take Cersei down as badly as anyone but Margaery is acting a little too confident in the power shift for my comfort.

And Margaery finally bedded a king. How…noble? Is that the right word?

Well, Tyrion. Way to go, dummy.