Thoughts and photos from WonderCon 2015

I went to WonderCon over the weekend. This was my fourth year going and, not coincidently, the fourth year the show has been in Orange County. The big news to come out of the show is that next year’s event will be in Los Angeles. This is a good news/bad news announcement as far as I’m concerned. When it moves, it will cease being my “local comic convention.” However, moving to LA (I assume) cements San Diego Comic Con in San Diego for the duration. That’s great news. I think SDCC would lose some of its character should it ever move.

This year’s WonderCon was just as cool and enjoyable as they’ve always been. We didn’t go to any panels–a combination of timing and lack of effort. But we spent more time in Artists’ Alley and the indie publishers than anything else. Both my girlfriend and I bought some cool prints and we picked up tons of artists’ business cards to check them out online. (Pro tip: have business cards at cons. I can’t spend money on everything I like but I’ll check it out later.)

I don’t know if we’ll be as enthused at WonderCon being in LA but I’ll probably check it out when it rolls around. Without further ado, here are my photos…

[flickr_set id=”72157651800721845″]